The Brand

A love of textiles and pure, archetypal forms runs through Berlin-based designer Nobieh Talaei‘s biography. It is an itinerant thread which emotionally and creatively references her family’s nomadic heritage and is continuously reflected in the NOBI TALAI fashion collections.

Born in Tehran, Talaei moved to Berlin when she was eleven years old. After her graduation from Esmod Berlin and several years of experience in the fashion industry, the designer made her official market debut in 2015 during Berlin Fashion Week. In the years that followed, NOBI TALAI presented runway shows in Paris and Berlin.

Designed for the urban nomads of today, NOBI TALAI’S stylistic journey crosses Occident and Orient, bridging tradition and modernity. It is an approach the designer reinvents with every collection, offering timely yet timeless pieces which aim to provide both pleasure and long use to their wearers, wherever their paths may lead.

More recently, however, NOBI TALAI has adopted a made-to-order policy to avoid overproduction and waste. Once an order is placed through the NOBI TALAI online store, the desired garment will be quickly produced in the company’s Berlin atelier by a small in-house team. This is not only a more responsible method of making clothes today but adds a real touch of exclusivity to each especially-made-for-you NOBI TALAI piece.

One season thinking has never been part of the NOBI TALAI philosophy, which concentrates on using high quality and predominantly natural fiber fabrics that can stand the wear of time. The same holds for design, and recognizing that many past season pieces still have fashion relevance, NOBI TALAI has introduced the Nomads Archive in its online store. Here, one will find a selection of core items from earlier collections and past show pieces that will enrich the wardrobes of fashion individualists today.

The Brand